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Corporate Video Samples

Sprint cell phone recycling documentary

This was fun to make, and it felt good to work on a film about an important issue. Sprint's got the answer to phone recycling for anyone. They'll buyback ANY phone and they remanufacture, reuse, recycle...well, watch the film to find out more. The details of the program are quite interesting.

Sprint Network Associates Forum - Video1 | Video 2

This pair of videos was created for an employee meeting of Sprint’s Network Services Department. The theme: “Ownership.” Video one is a playful-but-honest depiction of negative attitudes. Video Two depicts the positive side of taking ownership. All onscreen talent are actual Sprint employees.

-Winner of a national Gold Quill award for excellence.

Sprint/Nextel Merger Video

created for a multi-site celebratory meeting involving tens of thousands of employees, this video provides a unique perspective – in fact, four perspectives - on the challenges and benefits of the upcoming merger.

Sprint NFL Mobile Access Tour

As a major sponsor, Sprint’s presence at NFL games is enhanced by a high-tech mobile trailer in which fans can find out about the latest in Sprint technology, and watch videos like this one that glorify the NFL fan experience.
Feature Film

Kansas vs. Darwin

May, 2005: The Kansas state school board again captures the world's attention with its evolution controversy — this time by holding scientific hearings that put Darwin's long-held theory on trial. Get face-to-face with the people behind this historic event, and see for yourself what really happened — and why.

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